Desperados & UKF City Hack Party Tour

If you haven’t already read about it, Desperados & UKF have been organising some incredible parties, touring 3 big cities in a beer / drum & bass fueled competition to show whether London, Bristol or Manchester can take the crown for throwing a party like no other. I was lucky enough to be invited to Building Six at the 02 last Friday, to enjoy what the promoters, DJs and designers of London could offer – and it 100% didn’t disappoint.


The venue, if you’re never been, is absolutely huge with various rooms & bars, and possibly one of the best smoking areas I have ever come across (fucking beds outside guys!) Arriving early to take advantage of the free Desperados (which, by the way, is 100% the fuel you need for a night of clubbing,) we were greeted by a heavy bass and hundreds of fellow Londoners, ready to enjoy the night.


DJs included Sub Focus, Dimension and Ownglow (to name a few) and I would strongly urge anyone to attend an event with any of these DJs playing. UKF Tour Autumn 2015 is just a google click away guys…



After sweating it out on the dance floor (and my friend falling into a mosh pit, causing a server case of ripped jeans primarily at the crack area) an Ice cold Desperados is exactly what we needed. When you’re going hard from 10pm until 6am, you do not want to be knocking back the spirits as, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be on the floor by midnight. Desperados is refreshing and gets you buzzing gently (but well) meaning you can go hard all evening and not be the embarrassing friend (until you leave and realise you can longer walk in a straight line, yes, that was me.)

When it come to picking an outfit, I knew the vibe at Drum & Bass nights is never heels and titty tops, and so decided to wear my new corduroy ASOS dress & boots. Super comfy and practical for a night of jumping about. All links can be found on my previous ASOS wishlist blog post HERE.


I can usually measure the success of a night out by how much I dance (and sweat without caring) and let me tell you, I didn’t stop dancing & no fucks were given regarding a dripping forehead. I urge you to grab a case of Desperados, get pre drinking and get booking tickets for the next UKF event (and invite me please, I promise I won’t sweat too much on you.) Enjoy guys!


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