Stage One: Anger

For someone who used to have several notebooks and wrote numerous blog posts, the idea of struggling to write isn’t ordinary for me.  I’ve written two things since my dad’s death. One is a frank, brutal memory of what happened over those dreaded three days, and the second, a more poetic account of dad’s death;…

Not your type on paper

With a barrage of online dating stories and poo tales, some might be shocked to read that Tinderella herself had a (temporary) happy ending. The girl who writes about burping and the inner workings of a vagina… found someone to like her? I know guys. Fucking miracle. A year and a half ago, I went…

The Third Date Rule

If a guy has entertained seeing you on three separate occasions, it does not, by default, give him open access to your vagina.

The Worst Date Ever

Ever been on a date where you end up with cuts on your elbows due to digging your arms too deep on the table out of boredom? Ever had a date very almost vom on you? No? Step inside and laugh at my singleness.

A Dating Epidemic: Cult Chill

Sad, lonely singles unite! Sick of going round for netflix and chill and seeing a penis? Break free of the dating chill culture and speak your mind.

Why you should travel alone

“So do you like, not have any friends?” For some reason, some people seem to think solo travel equals being lonely and friendless. At this stage, I pity them as their lives are defined and limited to experiences they can have as long as they have someone to do it with them. I am not going…


For most travellers, Bangkok is where you spend your first few days before heading off to the rest of Thailand or Asia. It’s a city of sin but it’s a must have experience when in Thailand. Bangkok in my opinion doesn’t welcome you with open arms. It drags you in and you have to drag yourself…


It seems everyone nowadays is embarking on some sort of backpacking trip – be it a month, 6 months or those who plan on never returning to the 9-5 grind again. Some wish they had done it when they were younger, some only dream about it, others get up and just go for it. Me? I…

Generation Overshare

Fond of an online oversharing orgie? Not sure what an oversharing orgie is?! Consider the consequence before you click post on yet another pouting selfie

Disco Ballers – What to wear this party season

SLEIGH BELLS RING ARE YOU LISTENING IN YOUR BASKET, CLOTHES ARE GLISTENING, A BEAUTIFUL SIGHT, WE’RE HAPPY TONIGHT WALKING IN A WINTER-GARMALAND Christmas is 5 weeks away. The radio is slowly blessing our eardrums with Slade, Mulled wine is beginning to make an appearance and so comes the inevitable Christmas panic as you have to…